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NFL Jerseys From China and to compound her woes

By Ralph SeeramI have always looked forward with great anticipation to having a good time when I go to Guyana and with equal eagerness to leave after a few days. To be clear, the anxiety to leave has nothing to with the country or people, but me.After a few days,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, I miss my bed, my cat Chelsea snuggling up to me, and my two grandchildren, though not necessarily in that order.Exiting Cheddi Jagan Airport at 2:00am after twelve hours of travelling, you are really hungry and ready for a good curry because the bag of chips and six-ounce glass of water or soda that Caribbean Airlines provides cannot cut it. This stupid airline to which Guyana gave Flag Carrier status does not provide a meal for people travelling from Orlando to Guyana. But, more on Caribbean Airlines later.Things are much more efficient at the airport in Guyana. It did not take me 15 minutes to breeze through Immigration and Customs. A word of warning to those Guyanese who bring lots of electronic stuff for families and go in the non declaration line; they scan your baggage, so to avoid any problems, declare your electronic stuff.As usual, my clothes were relegated to my carry-on while my two suitcases were filled with gifts from friends and family to friends and families.My first day could not have begun better. I had an EXCLUSIVE interview with President Donald Ramotar, a one on one interview with no one present and a no holds barred. Nothing was off limit. The President was very forthcoming on all the issues, including firing Ministers, Marriott contracts and their investors as well as radio licences.He also spoke about where he will take Guyana and his legacy. We will see the personal side of the President who sincerely loves his country.My primary reason for the visit was a wedding which was a four-day affair that started Friday night with the usual food and drinks and loud music. It seems that no one objects to loud music going into the wee hours. I made it to twelve midnight before retiring.The following morning I was sporting more than twenty-five red spots on my legs. The mosquitoes smelled fresh blood and spared no effort to extract it from me. I had come prepared with my mosquito repellant but thought I would “man up” and go without it.Saturday was the Hindu version of the wedding. Don’t let the word Hindu mislead you. Hindu wedding these days in Guyana is a multi-cultural affair. If you want to see some if the most beautiful women in the world go to a wedding in Guyana.One of the high lights of a Hindu wedding is when the groom has to pay for the return of his shoes (it was “stolen” earlier). The shoes were in the possession of a flirtatious young lady who came from Canada to attend the wedding. She demanded that the money be placed in her bosom.After quite a few thousand Guyana dollars and a bosom full of cash she released the shoes. Later, the guys would say they really got value for their money stuffing money down her endowed breasts.Sunday’s English version of the Wedding was held in Georgetown at a banquet hall called “The Impeccable”. For those of us in the Diaspora I would like to say that the standard is no less than you would expect in the U S A. The ambience was great. Guyana could truly become a wedding destination, if you can bypass the filth and stench of the Capital city, Georgetown.I had the honour of being MC for the reception and I was warned that Guyanese do not stick to time, to which I retorted, “Too bad; they will miss their food and free drinks as I intend to start on time which I did. I was told Guyanese do not come out to party early so 6.30 in the evening was too early. Too bad for them, I finished all formalities speeches etc and by 8 pm Chutney singer, De Hunter, had the dance floor filled. Yes a few did come late and they did miss their meals and drinks.Monday, on my way to Berbice, I experienced some of the traffic problems caused by the Atlantic Ocean overtopping the seawall on the east coast. This is a serious problem,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and if the government does not pursue a pro active solution one will very well see the entire city of Georgetown under three feet or more of water.Guyanese, it would seem, have become accustomed to blackouts and lack of running water. It is totally unacceptable that in this 21st Century Guyanese cannot enjoy 24 hours of running water and free of blackouts,Jerseys From China, two basic necessities for modern day living.I go to my relative in New Amsterdam and there is no electricity and water, and to compound her woes, someone stole her water pump, so she could not pump water in her tank. Later in the evening she got some water from the neighbour’s tank.I bathed with a bucket of water,Wholesale Jerseys China, which reminded me of how much water I waste taking a shower in Orlando.If you can get past  the minor annoyances, Guyana is still a great place for a vacation especially if you have friends like mine, Mara and his wife, Par, Joey as well as Gregory who generously gave his time to take me round. You also make new friends like I did.Oh and for those dishonest cashiers at the Timehri airport. I purchased rum at the DDL duty free shop the cashier refused to give me my USD$2 change until I demanded it. Across at the Banks DIH shop the cashier over charged my friend USD$32 until he pointed it out to her. Later, in the snack shop in the waiting area,Cheap China Jerseys, I overheard the cashier telling a passenger that his coffee and snack was USD$8 when in fact it was USD$5.50. I intervened and pointed out the correct amount.The common factor is that these dishonest cashiers assume that the visitor does not understand the exchange rates so they exploit unsuspecting passengers. I guess they make extra money ripping off tourists. The owners of these shops need to take note.Time and space do not allow me to tell you of the hassle Caribbean Airlines put you through on the way back to Orlando. Suffice to say I had to go through security at Cheddi Jagan airport, disembark in Trinidad; go the security process again and to top it off, disembark in Jamaica go through security and customs again only to board the same plane. The Jamaicans were not even sure if to stamp the passport as in transit or as a landed passenger.Never the less, my next trip to Guyana will be on Surinam Airways direct from Miami to Guyana, no stops.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email:[email protected]